Summary Of Courses

The Advanced Certificate in the Theory of Individual Psychology and Adlerian Counselling Skills and the Diploma in Adlerian Counselling are accredited courses by ASIIP (Adlerian Society and Institute for Individual Psychology). Bucks Adlerian Counselling Training is an organisational member of ASIIP, who in turn are organisational members of BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy).

Introduction to the Adlerian Family Counselling Model

Bucks Adlerian Training are pleased to offer a two part online workshop: An Introduction to the Adlerian Family Counselling Model. The cost for both workshops is £60, although it is possible to purchase a ticket for just one of the workshops. The first workshop is Saturday 26 September from 10.30-15.30 and the second on Sunday 11 October from 10.30-15.30. There will be two fifteen minute breaks and a half an hour lunch break in each workshop.

Part 1 will include a look at basic Adlerian theory and the concepts of the family constellation, the typical day, mistaken goals of behaviour and the crucial c’s as tools in working with families. In Part 2 we will explore the most memorable observation technique, the use of encouragement, natural and logical consquences and how to run a family meeting.

The online format includes video input from a parent, discussions in small groups, and time for questions and answers. For confidentiality reasons the workshop is not recorded.

Advanced Certificate in the Theory of Individual Psychology and Adlerian Counselling Skills

First Year

In the first year, students receive 90 hours of group tuition over 3 terms, plus 35 hours of evening and weekend workshops. In this year, students are given a basic introduction to Adler and the theory of Individual Psychology. The course concentrates on teaching a range of skills and competences required by Adlerian counsellors and practitioners. Upon satisfactory completion of year one, the student will then progress to year two.

Second Year

In the second year, students receive a further 90 hours of group tuition over 3 terms, plus a further 35 hours of evening and weekend workshops. The curriculum in year two builds on the learning from the first year and focusses on Adlerian counselling skills. Students who satisfactorily complete this 250 hour course are then eligible to apply to ASIIP for the Advanced Certificate in the Theory of Individual Psychology and Adlerian Counselling Skills.

At this stage students can progress to a further two years of study to gain the Diploma in Adlerian Counselling.

Diploma in Adlerian Counselling

Third and Fourth Years

In year three students receive 90 hours of group tuition over 3 terms, plus a further ten hours of optional evening and weekend workshops.

In the fourth year again students receive 90 hours of group tuition and ten hours of evening and weekend workshops.

The Diploma in Adlerian Counselling is awarded by ASIIP to students who upon satisfactory attainment of the following criteria: Satisfactory completion of 450 hours of training, of which 250 hours comes from year one and year two and 200 hours from year three and year four. To have been awarded the Advanced Certificate in the Theory of Individual Psychology and Adlerian Counselling Skills (completed within the last 3 years) or an equivalent acceptable qualification. Completion of 100 – 120 hours supervised client counselling – with at least 1.5 hours’ supervision per month, meeting the ASIIP and BACP current requirements. Writing a satisfactory 2-3,000 word Client Case Study. Undertaking at least 40 hours of personal counselling or psychotherapy. Payment of diploma application administration fee to ASIIP at current rate. The aim of all the training is to offer a focus for learning and uses the teachings of Alfred Adler as the philosophical core and integral discipline, via inter-active dialogue among students and tutors. This helps develop creative and constructive thinking in co-operation with others. The learning is based on the questions asked rather than those answered. All classes are fully participative, encouraging experiential learning. Self-awareness and personal growth are integral.

Adlerian counselling takes a holistic view of persons in their social setting focusing on the social purpose of their behaviour. This approach emphasises a counselling relationship that is based on equality, inclusiveness, respect and encouragement and acknowledges the differences and diversity of peoples and individuals.

The ultimate aims are to enable the development of a working understanding of the knowledge and skills related to the course whole, to encourage the capacity to work spontaneously and creatively rather than via fixed repetitive use of technique, to enhance awareness of how learned principles can be used in varying and different situations and to highlight Adler’s concept of Gemeinschaftsgefuhl or “interest in the interests of others”.

The cost of all the curricular workshops is included in the basic course fees. Extra-curricular workshops will be provided for which there will be a charge. Tutors will keep a record of attendance.

Where students are unable to make up their hours at workshops, consideration will be given to their achieving the requisite hours by attending other appropriate courses, workshops and summer schools. Inclusion of the hours spent at these will need to be agreed with the year tutor prior to attendance which must normally be booked in advance.

The information given herein is correct at the time of printing. BAT will advise students of any important variations as and when they occur.

Pre-Course Requirements

Although no formal qualifications are required, prospective students will be accepted on the course through the intake process. This involves attending an interview and demonstrating therein their willingness and capacity to undertake and commit to the training. A decision will then be made on appropriateness of the course for the student.

Commitment, openness and capacity for learning, an acceptance of ongoing personal development and the development of self-reflection are important qualities for successful completion of the course.

Other Information

Training Venue

The training is held in Buckingham. A map of the venue can be displayed by clicking here.

Reflective Practice Group

Bucks Adlerian Counselling Training offers a reflective practice group for students, qualified counsellors and those in the helping professions. Whilst informal, this reflective practice group will observe the BACP ethical framework, to include confidentiality, and an experienced counsellor or supervisor will be present at each session.

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Jill Reynolds, Tutor, Bucks Adlerian Counselling Training
Tel: 07990 876747 or Email:

Introduction to Counselling Skills

Bucks Adlerian Training is offering a 10 hour/4 week Introduction to Counselling Skills Course on Wednesday evenings in June 2020

What it covers:

  • Introduction to core counselling skills and theory
  • Skills and techniques to help you improve your communication and increase your self-awareness
  • An understanding of relationship building based on the work of psychologist Alfred Adler
  • A progression route onto further training with BAT or other agencies

Useful for those who:

  • Wish to gain basic counselling skills to support their work or everyday life
  • Are thinking of starting out on a counselling career path

When and Where:

  • Wednesday 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th June 2020, 7pm – 9:30pm
  • Bucks Adlerian Training – Manor Barn House, Water Stratford, MK18 5DS

Fees £100.00

Tutor: Jill Reynolds, BSc (Hons); Dip Counselling (ASIIP); MBACP (registered); MASIIP (accredited)

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For all inquiries and booking contact Jill Reynolds on 01280 847853 or email


Manor Barn House is located here:
Manor Barn House, Water Stratford, Bucks, MK18 5DS