Bucks Adlerian Training is an organisational member of the Adlerian Society UK and Institute for Individual Psychology and provides professional training courses accredited by ASIIP.

The weekly evening tutorials are held in Oxford and Buckingham, and the weekend workshops in Buckingham. Training is predominantly experiential, and tutorial groups are small. There is a high level of tutor support in each year group.

Therapeutic work with clients involves short to medium term, intensive work to increase Social Interest, – a greater sense of personal responsibility, community feeling, co-operation and mutual respect.. Insight is used therapeutically as an analytic tool to facilitate deeper self-understanding and personal growth.

Upcoming Events

September 2021

Saturday September 18 – Sunday July 3

Certificate and Diploma Training 2021/22
Manor Barn House, Water Stratford Road, Water Stratford, Buckinghamshire, MK18 5DS, United Kingdom

Three Year Counselling Diploma.
Starting in September 2021, we are offering a three year course leading to a Diploma in Adlerian Counselling. Students who leave the course at the end of year one or year two will receive a Certificate in Adlerian Counselling Skills.
The course is accredited by the Institute of Individual Psychology. It covers the current requirements for registration with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy once qualified.
The course takes place over a 9 or 10 weekends per year. There will also be a Zoom tutorial on some Monday evenings.
The provisional dates for 21/22 are:18/19 Sept 202116/17 Oct 202120/21 Nov 202122/23 Jan 202226/27 Feb 202226/27 Mar 20227/8 May 202211/12 June 20222/3 July 2022
The fee for each year of the course is £2000. There will be additional costs such as personal therapy, supervision whilst on placement, fees, books and materials and any accommodation and travel costs.
How to Apply
In the first instance please contact Jill Reynolds or Janina Bell. You will be invited to an informal interview to discuss the course and its requirements.
Depending on your prior experience, you may be asked to submit a letter of application.

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